Kalpana Foundation Private ITI

Rathtala DVC Pool, Kanchannagr, Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal - 713102

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Affiliated to National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), Government of India

Affiliated to NCVT, Govt. of India

General Rules & Regulations

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These rules and regulations are subject to additions and alternations by the management of the institute, as may be required from time to time.

  1. Each trainee should attend his class in proper time mentioned by the institute positively and regularly.
  2. If any trainee fails to attend within the prescribed time for whatever reasons, his presence will not be considered
  3. Classes are held in different shifts from Monday to Friday depending on the routine and time table prepared and notified from time to time by the institute.
  4. The progress report card will be served by the institute to each I.I.T trainee free cost for keeping records of marks obtained from monthly trade tet and attendance.
  5. Sessional marks will be given to the trainees on the basis of their progress, daily works including external tours(educational excursions)
  6. Practical khata to be made by each trainee for daily practical works during the period of his training, as per direction of his trade instructor.
  7. All the tools and equipments should be used carefully otherwise damage charges will be taken from the associated trainee(s) as per norms.
  8. Educational tour will be held at the final stage of the Test examination of 2nd. Year trainees and it will be carried out at any suitable area. Each trainee should attend that educational tour for the betterment of his practical knowledge Sessional Marks will depend on this tour partially. All the travelling allowances and meal will be borne by each trainee individually to cover that tour including Electric Bill, Transport charge for tools and equipments, lodging charges. The class will be suspended only for a few days after completion of that education tour.
  9. First year trainees will be allowed to continue the 2nd year classes on the basis of pass marks, obtained from preliminary trade test conducted by the institute.
  10. Second year trainees will be allowed to appear at the All India Trade Test (AITT) conducted by the I.T.I council, NCVT, on the basis of the pass marks obtained from test Examination conducted by the Institute.
  11. Absence from any examination without sufficient reason (reasons beyond his control) will be regarded as a serious breach of discipline.
  12. Fees will be received at the cash section of the institute upto 2 p.m. during the working days.
  13. If a student remains absent without notice for more than one month, his name will be struck of the roll.
  14. A student shall be guilty of breach of discipline, if he breaks any of the foregoing rules or otherwise guilty of misconduct or misbehavior.
  15. For breach of discipline within or outside the Institution premises, the Principal/Vice Principal/Office In-Charge/ Instructor In- Charge of the Institute may-
    • Impose a fine on a trainee,
    • Suspend the student for one month or less
    • Expel him from the Institution for such period as he thinks fit
  16. The student’s identity card will be issued from the Institution and student must bring it to the Institution.
  17. Monthly Tuition fees hostel fees, as prescribed will have to be paid by each trainee on and before the 30th day of the same month positively and punctually, The same may be taken after the 30th day of that month with submission of late fine, which is 5% of the monthly Tuition fees, as prescribed. If any trainee fails to pay on and before the 10th day of the next month with prescribed late fine, he will not be allowed to appear at the monthly trade test. The trainee’s enrollment will be cancelled if he fails to appear at two consecutive monthly trade tests i.e. he will not be allowed continue his training to appear in All India Trade Test (AIIT), as a result.